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Dreams of the City, Section in the Village Halloween Parade

Village Halloween Parade


The City



The Dreamsnake


Night and Nicole


Snake & Sax



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Section for the Village Halloween Parade

So we are on for the Halloween Parade again!  It starts at 7PM, so meeting at 5:30, at the triangular park at Dominick St, near Spring Street, Halloween proper, so Oct. 31, a Saturday.
The theme for the parade in general is “Shine a Light”.
Our parade (“A thousand thousand suns”) will feature the Sun King, Attendant Suns, sun flags, and illuminated inflatable buildings with a sun shining from each window. A picture is attached Dress code (unenforced) will be red, orange yellow, white, and black.
I will have my cell phone:  617 378-5715


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New York, Say Hello to the Fish

The Puppet Co-op parade (“meet the Fish!”) will center on a school of inflated illuminated fish, other fish, sea people, giant flowers, and flower banners. The concept is that the fish as scoping out future real estate in New York. The puppeteers who want to herd fish, will dress as real estate agents, with notebooks or clipboards, and direct the fish, etc., by directing their attention to the attractions of various buildings, once they are underwater. People who want to carry puppets should wear tropical fiesta


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The Village Halloween Parade, 2013

With Himalayas, humongo big band, and Hexcamaids, dancing formerly-mermaid-parade mermaids.

The  Suns and Sun People



Cardboard Masks!

Big Person


Big Sun


Big Sun and Nicole


The sun was made of two sheets of heavy “transparent” plastic dropcloth ironed together, with thin colored plastic hot-glued on, lighted with four strips of flexible LEDs, powered by two LED battery packs, and blown up with a battery pump for camping mattresses.

Advantages: nice and bright, packs up easily, doesn’t mind the damp,

Problems: hard to get rid of air leakage in inside corners.  caught the wind, sun-holders were wrestling with each other.  If I do it again, I’ll put it on a rod across the top.  LED strips weren’t made to bend repeatedly – they will develop shorts with repeated packing and unpacking?

The main problem that it was too bright – it killed any other puppet near it, even though NY streetlights are nice and bright.