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Section in the First Night First Day Parade


Hello All,

First Night is fast approaching, and the Puppeteers Cooperative will be doing a section in the Peoples Parade, and is looking for assistance. The parade will leave Copley Square at 6 PM, and go to the Boston Common, with our groups continuing to the Puppet Workshop space near Arlington St. for hot chocolate and light refreshments. It will be over by 7 PM, so that participants can watch the fireworks on the Common, and then go on to whatever you are doing for New Years Eve.

If you are interested in taking part in this lively street extravaganza, there are several possibilities.

Come, be in the parade, bring friends! It will be lining up at 5:30, leaving at 6 PM, and over by 7. Come early to pick the puppets you like.

Be a puppet Captain! Choose a group of puppets, come early to recruit people for the crowd to perform them, (usually an easy sell, and remember that it’s a Saturday this year) and shepherd them through the parade. None of the puppets are complicated.

 Help out during the day! We will be binging the puppets the few blocks to Copley Square in the morning, to start using them to recruit people for the parade from noon on. Come for an hour at a time, maybe, to help move puppets and to lend puppets for people to try out during the day. It’s the fun part!

Our parade stuff will (as of now) consist of:

City Spirits
(6 brightly and abstractly painted slightly larger than human one-person puppets led by a larger long rather than tall 4-person puppet)

Illuminated City
(12? lantern houses in bright colors)

(10-person illuminated inflated snake, with bright swirls of color)

Possible cloud of small white and blue birds

possible dreamers (blue faces)

Pictures available upon request.

For more information, I can be reached  at 617 536-3355 ext. 26.

My day-of cellphone number is: 617 378-5715


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The Rights of Spring in Brooklyn

The Rights of Spring (Romeo and Juliet in the City)

Saturday May 21, at the Old Stone House in Brooklyn

Centers on the problem of rising housing prices in the city of Verona, and how they affect Romeo (a fine young herring) Juliet (a charming pigeon), and the rest of the city.

With Gotham Easy, and supported by The Puffin Foundation.



TL birds2  Nicole&band

birdsR&J&earth R&J&rat audince

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Outside the Box festival opening


Parade and circle dance for Outside the Box





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New York, Say Hello to the Fish

The Puppet Co-op parade (“meet the Fish!”) will center on a school of inflated illuminated fish, other fish, sea people, giant flowers, and flower banners. The concept is that the fish as scoping out future real estate in New York. The puppeteers who want to herd fish, will dress as real estate agents, with notebooks or clipboards, and direct the fish, etc., by directing their attention to the attractions of various buildings, once they are underwater. People who want to carry puppets should wear tropical fiesta