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The Rights of Spring: The Swarm of Bees

(photo Deborah Beshaw)

Saturday May 13, 1 PM, at The Old Stone House, 336 3rd St., Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

A participatory giant puppet pageant in which a swarm of bees goes out to look for a new home, and ends up saving the world.

With the Gotham Easy Brass Band.



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The Rights of Spring: The Swarm of Bees

The Rights of Spring is coming right up – May 13, at Old Stone House, Brooklyn, NY. Rehearsals on Wednesdays……  interested? Call Sara at 617 536-3355 ext. 26.

More later!

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Making a pulley system for the giant mobiles in Emmanuel Church


I used to just get up in the ceiling, then drop a series of lines to a person on the floor, who would tie them onto the mobile pieces, but that has become too unwieldy, with the mobiles having to come up and down, and me wanting to try out new ones…

The new pulley system goes in four lines through gratings in the ceiling of the sanctuary (the red is pew cushions)


at a crossing in a catwalk more or less central. The lines go up through a pulley or two to go above the head on anybody on the crosswalk.


then down again along the side of the catwalk. The height of the ceiling is about 60′; the catwalk is about 80′ long.


At the end of the catwalk, they turn a corner


to go along a slanted ladder, which leads to a trapdoor, where they turn again, and go down.


The open trapdoor, where I spent hours untangling string. I mentioned 60′ high, right?



The view from the ladder.


Don’t worry, I wore safety equipment!


The four main lines are each about 200′ long, with pull-down lines about 100′ long.  It’s the biggest contraption I’ve ever built, and nobody can see it.  Maybe I’ll do some giant marionettes.


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The Rights of Spring: The Persistence of Winter


At the Old Stone House, Brooklyn, May 17.


Photos by Robert Levine

With PS 107, Teresa Linnihan, The Red Hook Ramblers


Arny trains the dragon




The Red Hook Ramblers

The Parade at the beginning


Winter and Bad Butlers



Summer and Gorillas




Winter and Teresa



More Gorillas!